Club station LA2AB

LA2AB is the club station of the Asker & Bærum group of NRRL. The station is located near Sandvika, about 20 km south west of Oslo, Norway's capital.

The station is active on 6 m, 2 m and 70 cm, and also with mooun-bounce, meteor scatter, and satellite modes. It holds several of the first contacts from Norway to various countries in the 6 m and 2 m bands. LA2AB was also awarded (2005) no 001 of the NRRL grid square diploma (min. 100 squares) for 250 squares on 144 MHz.

The station is also active on all HF bands from 160 - 10 meters, and we were active on the night when the 60 meter band band was opened in Norway for club stations, 00.00 1. April 2005 (local time). As a club station we are also allowed to use the special call sign LN2AB for some of the major international HF contests. In recent years, there has been more activity on HF than on VHF/UHF.

QSL is via the bureau, direct, or via Logbook of the World (HF only so far).

More information about amateur radio in Norway can be found on the NRRL English pages.