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NRRL emergency communication unit in the Oslo region (NSOA).

Norwegian Radio Relay Leage has established emergency communication serveice in various districts in Norway. The National EMCOM management may be contacted at e-mail: sambandstjenesten(a)nrrl.no *  For more information see www.nrrl.no

NRRL SOØ, the district near Oslo, are in service for amateur radio based emergency communication in the Oslo region. We are in contact with the Norwegian joint search and rescue center, local authorities, the police and other voluntary organizations, Red Cross, Norwegian peoples aid and Norwegian search and rescue dog association.

In emergency situations we may monitor relevant frequencies and our main winlink (WL2K) e-mail account,
LE1AA(a)winlink.org *

For more info, contact the Oslo region EMCOM manager, LA4PGA, Mr. Trond Bekken at e-mail
NSOA(a)nrrl.no *  or at phone +47 992 92 426

*(a) In the emailadresses, @ are exchanged with (a) to avoid spam mail